I’m a full-stack developer, with a passion for architecturing wonderful code-bases and using software to solve real problems. As a developer I’ve got chops all over the board, and am at home with every part of a code base. In both front-end and back-end development I have experience with a range of languages, technologies, and techniques. Skills and experience that allow me to understand your business problems and build software solutions that will blow those problems out of the water.



2014-present Freelance

Been creating and working-on awesome client projects using technologies like Node.js, Couchbase, and MongoDb. Keeping a big focus on improving infrastructure and architecture of code-bases as well as leading client development teams to build scalable and highly-maintainable solutions. Solutions that include database-side internationalization; a full-featured ODM for a then-fledgling NoSQL DB system; the architecture and REST API to serve and provide functionality for multiple successful social-media sites and apps.


2013-2014 at Deerso Inc.

Full-stack web development for internal and external sites, along with general C# and Asp.Net application development. Heavy use of MSSQL and relational DB modeling techniques to build applications that communicated with large stores of data to present relevant info to various internal teams.

Web Developer/Designer

2012-2013 at Synergy Networks

Web design and front-end development, including back-end development with PHP. Created various in-house and client-requested web applications, including a CMS solution, using PHP, MySQL, and various web-technologies.



2011-2012 - Certification of Completion at Lee County High Tech North

Web Development

2010-2011 - Certification of Completion at Lee County High Tech North