Hey there, Welcome to the site. I’m a developer, writer, and self-proclaimed cool dude living in sunny southwest Florida. I’ve been working with the web and related technologies for a little over three years now, and have gotten my hands dirty in everything from asp.net to node.js. I love the web as a platform as well as building awesome stuff on top of it. I also love to hear from people, so feel free to drop me a line some time.


Design & Development

I specialize in user-centric design and development strategies meant ‘ll for the real world. In other words, if it’s on the web I’ll make it work for you, and I’ll make it awesome.

SEO & Content Strategy

I love the web, and I want to help you make it a better place. I’ll strategize with you to craft content that your users can’t resist and helps give you a presence that does the same.


With over 55% internet usage coming through mobile devices, I know how important your mobile presence is. I craft all of my sites and web-applications with mobile devices in mind. All of my creations are responsive from the start and tested thoroughly on multiple devices.

Hiring Me

If you want to hire me just let me know, or just check out my resume. I do general development with a focus on the web and front-end technologies. So if you need a web site, web application, or server made and/or maintained I’d love to hear from you.